Adamjee Pharma has grown exponentially since we started our operation. It has been consistently ranked among the top 10 percent of the companies in Pakistan since the turn of the century. It has state of the art GMP manufacturing facility with about 65000 Sq. ft. build up area, through which we produce 76 different brands marketed by the nationwide distribution system. Adamjee Pharma specializes in the CNS therapeutic group. We are the largest in this group in terms of units in the whole nation. Over the years we have developed the reputation of being the highly ethical marketing company with quality medicine with reasonable prices. I am certain that through our hard work and the dedication of our entire team we will fulfil our promise and continue to grow with a same energy and vigour and provide the best to the patients of our nation.

                  SHAHID ADAMJEE, Chairman

Adamjee Pharma Services has been dedicated to providing the best quality medicinal drugs to its consumers since its inception. We pride ourselves for having a far-reaching network in the entire country, and have now begun distribution globally as well. We work on the principle that everyone deserves a chance at affordable healthcare, and therefore strive to manufacture and distribute the best quality medicine at minimal costs. We train our team members periodically- getting them up-to-date with the industry happenings as well as providing them the appropriate skills for the field. Our state-of-the-art technology as well as the IT experts on board make sure that Adamjee Pharma works smoothly. Operating a pharmaceutical firm is a civic responsibility, and we make sure that through our well organized structure, we are able to eradicate any chance of error when dealing with medicine.

  FAZAL  FAROOQ, Managing Director

We need to pursue GMP principles and report nearly all that we do to ensure that patients will get safe and effectual medicines. We are assessed normally by different experts, and we generally should be “tuned in” with respect to the best available in the market.

Keeping our production network running easily requires a lot of strategies and contingencies: Do we need new machines? More experts? Task another procedure line? Or on the other hand shut down an old one? It’s tied in with identifying with a consistently changing world and conditions.

This relates specifically to the Adamjees, values like, development, innovation and versatility, and it fits great with my very own impression of which key components are the most essential so as to remain in business and improve the environment.

FAROOQ HAMIRANI, Managing Director (APL)

Our performance has been consistently well in the pharmaceutical industry, and we strive towards further betterment of our services to deliver our best in the field. We are guided by our Core Values each day – they shape our identity and how we cooperate, and they characterize the practices that drive our prosperity. These qualities are: customer focus, results driven, leadership, teamwork, and innovation and continuous improvement.

At Adamjee Pharma, our business model is about serving patients. We are focused on providing physicians and patients with quality medicines that play an important role in helping millions of people lead healthier lives & our utmost priority is to make decent healthcare accessible and affordable-among the masses. We are moving forward with this very goal and are continuing to expand our network, which will be reaching more global markets soon.

                                                                       AHMAD  FAROOQ, Commerical Director