Adamjee Pharma is the name you have learnt to trust. Our company has grown since it has established on the principles of providing quality and dedication to our customers. The yester years have been evident about our success in the pharmaceuticals market.

Adamjee Pharma strives to make healthcare an accessible and affordable entity to everyone regardless of their socioeconomic status. We have wide range of products, which are not profitable but have significant therapeutic value, hence, we are providing them in the market as service product.

We make sure to provide up-to-date medicinal drugs to the market, keeping in touch with the global research and scientific developments. In order to ensure a smooth distribution network throughout the country – our team consists of dedicated people who are competent in the field and are open to learning and adjusting to the ever changing dynamics of the industry.


At Adamjee Pharma Services, we promise to provide the best to the patients. Our medicinal drugs mainly consist of those used to treat psychiatric conditions. These include Anxiolytic, anti-epileptic, anti-psychotic, anti-depressants, as well as sedatives. Other medicines that we distribute include anti-ulcerants and anti-protozoal agents.

We believe that a healthy mind should be given as much importance as a healthy body, and should be included in the discourse of an affordable healthcare system. We therefore promise to increase awareness about mental health and highlight the challenges that the citizens of this country are facing due to mental illnesses; decreasing the stigma associated with them.


All Adamjian’s are our great asset. Every Adamjian works towards building a healthy and strong relationship between a company and its customers, the effectiveness of which can be seen in the companies constant and rapid growth.

Imran Khan, Business Unit Manager

Amir Haroon, Business Unit Manager

Samiullah Safi, Regional Sales Manager

Munir Ahmed, Regional Sales Manager

Mohammad Younus, Regional Sales Manager

Mohammad Imran, Regional Sales Manager

Saad Ahmed, Regional Sales Manager

Mushtaq Moosani, Finance Manager

Muhammad Zubair, Distribution Manager